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Hypertension Doctor Schaumburg

2020 experienced a lot of unprecedented happenings, some of which did not make it to the mainstream media. Data shows that 63% of cardiac patients stopped using their medication because they did not want to risk contracting Covid from interactions in the medical office or hospitals. The alarming increase in patients dying from a heart attack directly correlates with Covid-related news because there was simply no way to reach patients for appropriate preventive and heart health treatments.

In the future, patients who endured Covid from home retained some complicated aftermath issues and risked even worse cardiovascular issues. People who did not have any history of these illnesses are now at risk of the events because they are more stressed and do not have the motivation to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

A list of cardiovascular diseases that we treat

CVDs affect the blood or heart and usually come about from poor lifestyle choices. These problems affect more than one part of the blood system and could include a list of symptoms or none at all – women, and older adults tend to have minimal or no symptoms at all.

Types of cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases affect many parts of the body, including the following:

  • Valves which may develop blockages that interfere with the flow of blood to the heart
  • Coronary artery
  • The heart, which could fail, develop a pericardial illness,
  • The electrical conduction system

These diseases will come with different symptoms, including abnormal heart rhythms, difficulty breathing, pounding heart, short-sightedness, and many more. Cardiovascular complications result in a range of lifestyle issues, which high blood pressure doctors in Schaumburg IL treat.

Types of cardiovascular conditions that we treat

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Toxemia

Diagnosing cardiovascular illnesses

The Hypertension (HTN) doctors in Illinois perform a physical exam and will study the results in conjunction with your medical history for more complete results. Some situations may warrant more than one type of exam to diagnose more profound complications buried within the blood work or vessel lining.

How does our hypertension doctor in Schaumburg treat different cardiovascular illnesses?

Treatment plans are different and depend on the specifics of the hypertension condition affecting the patient. It is more common for one to receive a combination of treatments from the best cardiologists near me, which will often include the following approaches:

  • Lifestyle changes to improve the diet and better the body’s metabolism and fat-burning processes
  • Medications to control irregular or abnormal conditions like heart palpitations
  • Invasive procedures will need a more skilled professional, so our job will be to evaluate you for conditions that could use surgery.
  • Exercise rehabilitation is a smooth way of bringing your body back into balance while helping your heart grow stronger. The process may involve more than one medical solution, including nutritional changes, exercise counseling, and a hospital-based program with medications and monitoring devices.

Untreated cardiovascular illnesses can lead to many complications and result in a higher risk of major problems like heart attacks and stroke.

Are you worried about having some cardio problems and need doctors that treat high blood pressure? Call 847-882-1438 to get an immediate hold on us for personalized consultation by Skypoint Medical Center experts.

Hypertension Doctor Schaumburg

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