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New Mexico Cannabis

New Mexico Cannabis

Discover the many benefits of choosing Vana Society when you’re shopping for New Mexico cannabis strains from a reputable supplier. We sell quality herb and cannabis products grown by New Mexico farmers who are committed to sustainable practices and who carefully curate strains with a broad range of flavors and potencies. If you’re not happy with your current supplier and are looking for a cannabis company that can offer you more, we invite you to spend a few minutes on our website checking out our credentials, products, and commitment to meeting your needs.

5 Of Our Best Strains At Vana Society

1. If you’re looking for a hard-hitting strain of cannabis in New Mexico, we highly recommend Glassworks, a hybrid with 27% THC that produces happy & energetic effects as well as calm & relaxed feelings. Glassworks is one of our best-selling strains and is available in 1/8 and 1/4 oz options. You may not find Glassworks in any other New Mexico recreational shops, but you will always find it at Vana Society.

2. If you’re new to recrational marijuana, it’s advisable to go slow while trying out different New Mexico cannabis strains. We recommend Yeager 19.1, a very low THC content hybrid herb that comes on slowly and keeps you entertained throughout the high. Yeager 19.1 won’t give you the punch that many of the higher THC strains will deliver, making it ideal for first-time cannabis users.

3. Wedding Cake is another lower THC content strain that is ideal for new users or for anyone who enjoys a high that doesn’t leave them melted into the sofa or unable to function during the day. While most of our New Mexico cannabis sales are from customers who want a heavy-hitting strain, we’re seeing more customers at Vana Society looking for a low THC strain such as this one- and low THC cannabis strains cost less than those with a higher THC content, so you’ll find them to be a budget-friendly option.

4. Star Dawg Guava is a higher THC New Mexico cannabis strain, at just over 27% THC content, it’s one of our most popular selections at Vana Society. Due to new NM recreational cannabis laws, it’s now legal to purchase up to two full oz or its equivalent in other products for personal use.

5. Somewhere in the middle between high THC and low THC strains is Jungle Diamonds, a highly sought after strain that we carry at Vana Society. Buy a single gram or in increments of 1/8 or 1/4 oz when you want a mood enhancing experience you won’t soon forget.

Rewards At Vana Society

Our customer loyalty rewards make our weed store one of the most beloved marijuana shops in New Mexico. If you plan to visit our weed shop often, we want to help you make it count with community rewards in the form of points on every purchase as well as exclusive deals and offers. Explore our products now, order online, and discover the difference genuine quality makes.

Vana Society Cannabis Dispensary – Clovis NM

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New Mexico Cannabis

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