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Reno Dispensaries

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Today it is possible to enjoy cannabis for recreational purposes in Nevada. The 2017 relaxation allows people to now have a good smoke of their favorite strains by purchasing up to 1 ounce. However, the industry nowadays offers a wide variety of THC product categories, so you can enjoy marijuana in your style.

The best marijuana dispensaries in Reno include in their catalogs a wide variety of presentations for your convenience. Within the different alternatives of cannabis stores available, none of them surpasses Three Nations Cannabis, and the extraordinary variety we have for you. That’s why you should get to know us better, and the exquisite selection that makes us the top of Reno dispensaries.

Why Choose Three Nations Cannabis?

We have the most awesome selection of cannabis products, with exceptional quality and characteristics. We work only with the best local growers to ensure freshness and quality weed. We have the most competitive prices, and you can enjoy the best cannabis drive-thru or cannabis delivery in Reno.

Enjoy Cannabis Your Way with Our Selection

  • Flower: We have for you the best Indica, hybrid, and Sativa strains in the region. You can select the portion you want, either, 1g, 1/4oz, or 1/8oz. We work with the best brands, including Circle S Farms, Serene, and Nab Farms. Enjoy excellent varieties including:
    • Nab Farms Juicy 16 Flower 3
    • Nab Farms Khalifa Kush
    • Nab Farms Orange Gelato
    • Srene Champagne Supernova
    • Srene Dog Valley Haze
    • Srene Crossfire Hurricane
    • Circle S Farms 9LB Blueberry
    • Circle S Farms Starberry
    • Circle S Farms Cherry on Top
  • Vaporizers: if vaping is your thing, we have for you the best selection of cartridges for your vaporizer. Choose from the best combinations of THC and CBD from the best Indica and Sativa strains. Our cartridges come in presentations of 5g or 1g, made by the prestigious brand Serene. Among others, you can enjoy Castaway, Northern Lights, Dog Valley Haze, or Fruity P.
  • Concentrates: if you want to take your marijuana experience to the next level, nothing like the extraordinary concentrates we have for you. Take your experience to the max with our high THC live resins, for you to enjoy with your favorite pipe or device. Choose from Leeroy TK, Fruity P. Live, or Nigerian Haze Live, among others.
  • Edibles: As the best of the best recreational weed dispensaries, we have chosen for you Wana, one of the most distinguished cannabis edibles brands in the industry. We have an exquisite variety of hybrid and Sativa strains products including Raspberry Buttercream Macaron, Green Rooster/Blueberry Gummies, or Island Punchs Fast-Acting Gummies.
  • Topicals: take advantage of the excellent therapeutic properties of our topical. With the right concentration of THC and CBD, our Green Rooster-Tumatzekwae Nobe Topical is the ideal product to relieve pain and inflammation.

Buy at the Top Dispensary

It’s time to maximize your cannabis experience with the best variety of products we have to offer at Three Nations Cannabis. Take advantage of our drive-thru from 8 am to 12 am on the day of your choice. Sign up for our tiered rewards program and take advantage of the best prices at any of the Reno Dispensaries, with gifts on every purchase. Visit our online store and shop our awesome products now.


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