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Varicose Vein Treatment Hoffman Estates Il

Skypoint Vein is one of the top-rated clinics that specializes in varicose vein treatment in Hoffman Estates, IL. We offer affordable treatment plans and preventive care for varicose veins with the latest medical techniques and in-venous innovations.

Are varicose veins dangerous?

Varicose veins are generally harmless. For people with mild forms, it is barely a cosmetic concern as they do not experience pain or discomfort. But for those who experience consistent aches associated with this condition may require immediate treatment to avoid more severe complications.

Some of the complications of varicose veins include painful ulcers in the affected area, especially around the ankles. A discolored spot around the ankles precedes an ulcer. Another complication in severe cases is blood clots, as the veins in the leg enlarge and causes pain and inflammation. This condition is known as thrombophlebitis and needs immediate medical attention.

Besides these complications, varicose veins are also capable of causing bleeding, chronic venous insufficiency, varicose eczema, and lipodermatosclerosis. If you suspect any of these conditions, schedule an appointment with us for varicose vein treatment in Hoffman Estates, IL.

What are the main causes of varicose veins?

The risk of varicose veins is higher in older adults due to wear and tear of the valves. These valves in the veins play a significant role in regulating blood flow. When these valves get weak and damaged, they can lead to varicose veins.

Muscles in your leg contract to pump blood and the elastic walls of the vein supports the process of returning blood to the heart. Veins contain multiple tiny valves that are responsible for opening and closing to regulate proper blood flow to the heart. When these valves are no longer efficient, it leads to reverse flow of blood that can get stagnant in the leg veins, causing it to twist and stretch.

Treatment for Varicose vein

Although most doctors recommend self-care and compression stockings as the first step to manage the condition, many do not respond well to these medical aids. Some of the more powerful and effective varicose vein treatments are:

  • Sclerotherapy – This therapy involves a small injection into your the affected area with a solution or foam that closes the veins. In a few days, you may see the veins shrink to their standard size. This is an outpatient procedure and does not involve anesthesia.
  • Laser treatment – Laser treatments are used to close smaller varicose veins and spider veins. This treatment involves sending powerful surges of light to the vein, causing it to fade and diminish gradually.
  • Vein stripping and ligation– In this procedure, your doctor will tie the vein at a point before the conjunction with the deep vein. He will then perform a small incision to remove the vein. This does not affect the blood circulation as other larger veins take care of this function.

Skypoint Vein offers instant relief and cure from varicose veins with cutting-edge technology. To know more about our varicose vein treatment in Hoffman Estates, IL, get in touch with us today.

Varicose Vein Treatment Hoffman Estates Il

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