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Water Soluble Hemp Oil

Article provided by: Long Live The Hemp

Water Soluble Hemp Oil

Among many other products on the market presently, products that contain CBD are gaining traction the most. And this is because they serve many purposes and are extremely safe for use. CBD, which is also referred to as cannabidiol, is among several chemical components found in cannabis plants.

Despite CBD’s safety for use, it’s the consumers’ responsibility to include CBD products into their daily routine appropriately. CBD is available in different forms, and one of the most popular forms in which CBD comes in is the Water-Soluble CBD. 

Water-soluble CBD, currently the industry’s most trending cannabis component, has met with both praises and criticism. This product, whose manufacturing process is just quite similar to that of the pharmaceutical industries, is made to solve CBD oil-based products’ ineffectiveness issues.    

What is Water-Soluble CBD?

Water-soluble hemp oil describes a CBD extraction process whereby oils get broken into extremely tiny particles. These small drips then get mixed with an appropriate proportion of a surfactant. The addition of a surfactant is to emulsify the particles so they can remain stable.  

Unlike its name, this CBD-rich oil doesn’t dissolve in water. Due to its manufacturing process and particle sizes, they can disperse throughout liquids, which enhance their easy absorption into the body.

These extracts are water-friendly and can come in both powder and liquid forms. Therefore, they can easily be used to manufacture consumable CBD products like edibles, drinks, capsules, and tinctures. Major technologies we employ in the manufacturing of water-soluble CBD products include;

Nanoemulsions produce 10-100 nanometer particles using a mechanical process. The tiny particles gotten from this technology accommodate low all-natural surfactants and not high-volume synthetic surfactants.

Liposomes are spherical structures that range from 50-500 nanometers. Their centers carry a water-friendly solution surrounded by a bilayer. The bilayer membrane can serve as storage for CBD extracts. This method uses very complicated manufacturing procedures that require a high surfactant level. However, this method is commonly by the hemp industry to manufacture products.

Microemulsions produce droplets by having CBD oil, solubilized in water, and can make 100-5000 nanometer droplets. The emulsion making in this process involves more chemical compared to other techniques. Besides, this process requires more surfactants, which will pose substantial side effects on the users. However, this emulsion size is rare to found in the CBD industry.    

Why Should You Acquire Our Water Soluble CBD?

We’ve always manufactured our water-soluble CBD using nanotechnology to ensure CBD particles’ are easily absorbed into the body. Due to the particle size, the oil easily dissolves in water. It penetrates the body quickly, which allows the CBD effects to take place within a short time, compared to other non-water-soluble CBD. Besides this, there are also further reasons to purchase our water-soluble hemp oil, and they are;

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

We offer a full spectrum of water-soluble CBD rather than a single spectrum of CBD products. Also, we ensure that our CBD extracts using the Super Critical extraction process maintains all the required cannabinoids for positive effects. When delivering the water-soluble tincture, we guarantee it’s delivered in its most natural and effective form.  

Quality Tested

Before putting our water-soluble hemp oil up for sale, they go through professional third-party lab testing. The lab report then provides a clarification statement, declaring our product harmless and indicating the potency level of the entire full-spectrum cannabinoid present.

If you’re interested in securing our water-soluble hemp oil or any of our other products, Long Live The Hemp is your best bet! At Long Live The Hemp, our foremost goal is to provide our customers with the best and safest water soluble CBD oil you can ever find on the market. Contact Long Live the Hemp for help or to place your order now: 281-378-3888.

Water Soluble Hemp Oil

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Water Soluble Hemp Oil

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