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West Boylston Dispensary

West Boylston Dispensary

The use of cannabis in Massachusetts is legal for people aged 21 and above. As it has been long proven that cannabis is medically and recreationally benefitting, it is no surprise that Massachusetts marijuana dispensaries are becoming popular.

Massachusetts recreational and medical marijuana dispensary rules and boosts cannabis tourism in the state. In retrospect, these dispensaries also offer and sell the top of the line, most affordable, and high-quality cannabis products available in the market.

Campfire Cannabis Dispensary

Campfire Cannabis is one of the leading dispensaries in Massachusetts. They are passionate about delivering the finest customized cannabis experience and promise to provide and utilize the best marijuana products. This family-owned dispensary is dedicated to producing premier and personalized cannabis recreational activities that can satisfy their clients’ needs and preferences. The customers also have an array of options to choose from for them to enjoy the supreme cannabis experience.

Types of Cannabis Products We Have in Store

This Massachusetts dispensary serves an unexcelled and diverse selection of marijuana products. The clients have the liberty to cherry-picked the product that significantly suits them. The products we have in store are of high quality and affordable for our customers. And we have the following products in store for you:


Concentrates are products extracted from a cannabis plant. Otherwise known as cannabis oil, budder, rosin, and wax, these products are derived from a cannabis flower processed into a concentrated form.


This Massachusetts cannabis dispensary has two base types of marijuana strains: Indica and Sativa. On top of that, we also have hybrids or the crossbreeds of the two.


The name speaks for itself. Edibles are marijuana that you can eat. Campfire Cannabis dispensary guarantees that they are safe to consume, long-lasting, and useful.


Pre-Rolls are smokeable cannabis products that are small, disposable, and convenient. It is so portable that you can even share it among your peers.


Topicals are infused products with cannabis such as lotions, balms, and oil, intended to be applied to the skin.


Tinctures are cannabis-infused alcohol. This alcohol-based cannabis extract is ideal for those who are looking for a smokeless option. For instance, you can even incorporate tinctures in any of your desired food and drinks, making it smoke and hassle-free.

Superlative Customer Service

Campfire Cannabis dispensary holds its customers in the highest regard. We specifically design our programs to cater to the likings of our clients. We have expert camp counselors who prioritize and value their campers’ welfare and are more than willing to educate costumers about the cannabis consumption system. The dispensary management and staff are trained and knowledgeable individuals capable of executing the ultimate customer service experience. Whether you are a new or seasoned cannabis enthusiast, rest assured that your inquiries and concerns will be heard.

Choose to experience the unique and second to none cannabis experience in Campfire Cannabis. Start your cannabis dispensary journey by finding a Campfire Cannabis location near you and buy the marijuana products that you need here.

West Boylston Dispensary

Campfire Cannabis

65 West Boylston St.

West Boylston MA 01583 US

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