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Brockton Marijuana Dispensary

The cannabis industry is expanding exponentially with increasing legalization around the country. Companies want to expand their products as demand rises, which causes an explosion in the type of cannabis products available in the open market. Let’s dive into the different cannabis products and which ones are available in our Brockton marijuana dispensary.

Types of cannabis products in our dispensary


The good old-fashioned cannabis lover cherishes the flower as their favorite smoking product. One of the reasons it is so popular with consumers is that there are many different ways to consume the flower, such as putting it in a pipe, rolling it into the legendary blunt, among other ways.

Our marijuana cannabis dispensary in Brockton stocks various cannabis flowers, so it is easy for you to find the right strain for your taste buds and pleasure points. All our strains have high bioavailability and excellent prices for an affordable experience.


Edibles are cannabis-infused drinks and foods that contain a cannabis concentrate. You can buy or make an edible in just about any form, including baked foods, food bars, gummies, and beverage drinks.

Why should you consider edibles over other cannabis products from our weed dispensary in Brockton MA? They are a great option to consume and benefit from cannabis if you have an aversion to inhalation or smoking. They are perfect for newbie users who want to control their experience because all edibles have an ingredient list of THC and CBD. Additionally, edibles have a slower release because they go through the digestive tract, whereas the inhaled products go directly to the bloodstream. A slow-release effect means the effects will last longer than a couple of hours, without the overwhelming and short-lived feeling you would get from inhalation.


Concentrates are the pure extracts of marijuana plants containing terpenes and cannabinoids. Many forms of concentrates in our shop have different ingestion methods, such as vaporizing the keef. The main benefits of concentrates are that they are highly potent and have an immediate release effect. Other concentrates in our medical marijuana dispensaries in Brockton include:

  • Live sugar
  • Crumble
  • Wax
  • Live resin
  • Moonrocks
  • Crystals


These are herbal solutions with a high cannabinoid concentration and fast bioavailability. The most common way to consume them is by placing them under the tongue or sublingually. It is easy to control the experience with the number of drops you ingest because they have a slow release that will last you a good amount of hours.


These are cannabis-infused products like balms and sprays, which give a psychoactive effect when absorbed into the skin. You can use our cannabis-infused massage oils for faster relief of sore muscles or the body and lip balms for an all-day euphoric effect.

There is no stringent determinant for your choice of cannabis product, except your personal preference, tolerance levels, budget, and lifestyle. Check out our online Brockton recreational dispensaries for a complete list of our products, visit us any time during our regular business hours or contact us by phone (774-296-8691) to make an order.

Brockton Marijuana Dispensary


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