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Franklin Dispensary

Whether your use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, it is important that you choose a dispensary that fits your needs. Since the cannabis industry is booming, several dispensaries are popping up all over Massachusetts. However, how do you know what to look for in a marijuana dispensary so that you don’t end up with a poor-quality product? Here are the key factors to consider in order to choose the best dispensary for your need in Franklin.


You will find various strains of cannabis in the marketplace with varying levels of CBD and THC. Both marijuana growers and geneticists are consistently developing brand new strains. You want to be sure you choose a marijuana dispensary that offers various selections and doesn’t sacrifice quality to do so. Usually, their marijuana selection should be abundant and also good quality. Since you’ll be paying a lot for these plants, you want your marijuana to looks and smells fresh.


Cannabis comes in a variety of strains, tastes, colors, shapes, and aromas. There are strains that boost your energy level and some others that relax you. If you are looking for recreational marijuana, you may need a recommendation for strains that serve your needs. Research the best strains for your need. Then, choose a dispensary that provides a large variety of strains related to your ailment instead of a dispensary that offer a handful.

Where and How Is It Grown?

Most marijuana dispensaries have their own growers that produce the exclusive strains to their exact requirements. Sometimes the dispensary grows their cannabis onsite, and other times they purchase their cannabis from local growers. If the dispensary you choose doesn’t clearly state where they source their cannabis products from, then ask them about it, including under the conditions it is grown. The way marijuana plants are handled up to the cultivation stage can make all the difference.

Customer Service

One of the major factors to consider when choosing a dispensary is how well-informed and efficient the customer service is. A customer service representative should have an in-depth knowledge on the different cannabis products available for sale to help out those who may be overwhelmed by the different products. This is particularly important for people who are just getting started with the use of marijuana.

Franklin Dispensary

Botera is proud to be a fully licensed and certified dispensary in the heart of Franklin. Our mission is to provide premium and safe quality marijuana products. We make it easy for you to get the best marijuana product for your need. For more information about our Franklin dispensary and marijuana selections, contact us today.

Franklin Dispensary


+1 774-296-8691
747 Centre Street

Brockton MA 02302 US

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